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CASE STUDY: Pembroke Food Hub

In 2004, the newly formed Pembroke 21C Community Association raised the asking price and purchased Foundry House on behalf of the people of Pembroke. Since then Foundry House has been the venue for dozens of local groups and one-off events, as well as hosting a wide range of community projects.

Foundry House is a community centre located in the town of Pembroke in South West Wales. It is run almost solely by volunteers and trustees.

What is the involvement with the WCFD project?

In June 2022 Foundry House became the venue for Pembroke Community Food Hub, providing bags of fresh fruit, vegetables and salad from a nearby greengrocer.

What aspect has been most useful?

Having an initiative such as the community food hub running weekly has meant that new customers are coming to the centre and are able to access and find out about the other activities available. More people are becoming aware of what’s on offer at Foundry House so greater visibility in the community.

What is the result of being involved in the project?

Pembroke Community Food Hub is popular with parents at the local school, providing an opportunity for them to access fresh, affordable and healthy food for their families. The group has developed a recipe blog based on the contents of the food hub bags, giving greater opportunity to share knowledge and reach out to the wider community.

Over winter, the Warm Spaces initiative was able to link with the Community food hub, giving customers a chance to save money, eat healthily and get support, all at the same time.

"We've received training through [the food hub] that has developed our skill sets". - FOUNDRY HOUSE VOLUNTEER
"Another lovely looking selection of vegetables from the community food hub this week." - PEMBROKE COMMUNITY FOOD HUB CUSTOMER

Document Available:

WCFD Case Study - Pembroke
Download PDF • 893KB


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