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Image of vegetables for sale
Image of vegetables for sale
Image of vegetables for sale


We believe that access to locally supplied food is more important than ever. The last couple of years demonstrated the weaknesses in global supply chains, and with the uncertainties around climate change and the political landscape, this isn’t set to get easier.

That is why our aim is to link food producers and suppliers with the local community; to give easy access to healthy and great value food. 

Community food hubs are a great way to connect people to where food comes from. We support communities to launch volunteer-run food hubs to increase access to fresh and great value food. This can include, fruit, vegetables, salad, dairy, bread, fish, meat and more. We will work with you and your local suppliers to find the right choices for your community.

People, and the decisions they make, are crucial to making local food systems work. Which is why our core focus is on providing volunteers with the confidence and skills to set up and run food hubs themselves. Providing valuable experience that can also provide routes into employment.

It’s also a great model for suppliers and producers; creating a guaranteed marketplace that will generate vital incomes, that might otherwise not exist. 

Initially operating across Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion, WCFD will work with the local community to establish food distribution hubs. We will also ensure short supply chains are viable by working in collaboration with other projects that are focussed on increasing the demand for local produce.



Icon of market stall


WCFD Support Community Group to launch Food Distribution Hub

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Suppliers drop off order on preferred day and time to the Hub

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Customers collect order weekly and make & pay for the next order

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Hub volunteers sort the orders and open to customers to collect

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The Hub places the orders in bulk for the following week

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