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CASE STUDY: Customer 2, Llanteg Vending Machine

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Customer 2, aged 72, lives half a mile away from the Llanteg vending machine and had been using the milk vending machine already on site for some time. He enjoys being able to access local products alongside what he considers fresher, better tasting milk, without having to travel far.

What is the involvement with the PFCV project?

Customer 2 already purchases produce from Greenacre Market Garden Farm Shop and has used the community vending machine to buy products such as local cheese, organic beef and lamb. He considers using the milk bottle refill system a really positive way of being environmentally friendly.

What aspect has been most useful?

Being able to use the community vending machine to buy products any time of the day or night is so convenient. Having access to locally produced food and drinks and knowing where it’s come from is a huge bonus. As there’s no need to travel further to the shops, it works out no more expensive plus it’s less polluting because the journey is much shorter.

What is the result of being involved in the project and the impact on the individual?

Having locally produced, fresh, quality milk and other products through a local community vending machine is exceedingly convenient. Customer 2 has a holiday let so leaves milk and

information about the community vending machine as part of a welcome pack for guests. It’s a good meeting point with the machines constantly in use, giving customers the opportunity to chat and be sociable whilst waiting.

"The vending machine location has a really nice social and community aspect." - LLANTEG CUSTOMER
"I frequently bump into the farmers topping up the machines". - LLANTEG CUSTOMER

Download Available:

PFCV Case Study - Customer 2
Download PDF • 771KB


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