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CASE STUDY: Haverfordwest Food Hub

FRAME is a small local charity in South West Wales supporting individuals with mental health, learning and physical disabilities. It has two retail outlets, they deliver and collect items and they have a number of employees along with an amazing volunteer workforce sharing time/skills and supporting the individuals involved.

Haverfordwest Community Food Hub is run on a Wednesday by volunteers alongside the community fridge. Community fridges are a way to help reduce edible food going to landfill, whilst helping to connect the community.

What is the involvement with the WCFD project?

FRAME got involved after seeing WCFD project advertised on social media. On learning how the food hubs operate, they were keen to get involved and have a food hub running beside the community fridge. The community fridge is run by volunteers anyway so it made sense to have the food hub on the same day, supported by those volunteers.

What aspect has been most useful?

It keeps the money local as a circular economy and it’s been great to connect and collaborate with PLANED more fully. The resources provided are excellent and we’ve also built relationships with other organisations. PLANED promoting on social media was really positive along with a decent launch.

What is the result of being involved in the project?

With the community fridge supporting the food hub, FRAME would like to grow a sense of community, offering things like recipes to encourage people to adopt healthier cooking and eating habits. The fundamental reason for being involved is around reducing food waste, using less packaging and reducing food miles, closely followed by the desire to link the grower and customers, all of which the WCFD initiative demonstrates.

"The community food hub keeps money local, supports a local business and sits with our no waste ethos.". - FRAME
"We got involved because we wanted to be able to offer unpackaged food, that hasn’t travelled miles and supports a local business" - FRAME

Document Available:

WCFD Case Study - Haverfordwest
Download PDF • 921KB


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