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CASE STUDY: Steynton Farm Vending Machine

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Steynton Farm has been in the Davies family for over 100 years and is a mixed farm near Milford Haven with cows, chickens and ducks which provide meat, milk and eggs for the on site farm shop. They also grow potatoes, a large variety of vegetables and sunflowers, all contributing the customer experience of visiting a farm shop containing things grown and produced on the farm.

What is the involvement with the PFCV project?

Steynton Farm were approached to become a pilot venue since they are in a rural location, have their own produce and have prior experience of having a vending machine on site. The community vending machine commenced trading in March 2023 and was officially launched in May 2023.

The machine is sited adjacent to the existing milk vending machine and provides 24-hour access to their own fresh, homegrown produce and other products currently available in the farm shop, along with other local products from PLANED sourced suppliers if required.

What aspect has been most useful?

Having the community vending machine has provided extra exposure through social media and offers an opportunity to showcase some of the products from the farm shop. It gives customers the opportunity to purchase products during the shop-closed hours and so can offer a service to those people who can’t attend during daytime hours, extending the reach of the business.

What is the result of being involved in the project and the impact on the individual?

It provides opportunities for local producers and suppliers to sell direct to consumers, which is vital to rebuilding a prosperous local food economy in Wales using more sustainable supply chains.

"The vending machine will compliment the shop during opening hours whilst offering an out of hours service for when the shop is closed." - STEYNTON FARM
"Any packaging used is recyclable and no single use plastics are used in the machine or the shop.". - STEYNTON FARM

Download Available:

PFCV Case Study - Steynton Farm
Download PDF • 755KB


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