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CASE STUDY: Customer 3, Pembroke Community Food Hub

Customer 3, 70, lives about half a mile away from the community food hub. He buys for a two adult family and enjoys accessing fresh local produce without having to travel too far.

What is the involvement with the WCFD project?

Customer 3 heard about the Pembroke Community Food Hub at Foundry House through a family member and started buying weekly fruit and vegetable bags. He found ordering for the following week was fine but would have preferred to be able to order and pay online.

What aspect has been most useful?

He likes that the veg in the bags is generally what they would use at home and the produce is very fresh. It so convenient, close by and he likes that it supports a local business, bringing down food miles and reduces travel to the shops.

What is the result of being involved in the project?

It’s clearly a great project for local growers and small independent greengrocers. Being in the community is positive as it gives everyone access to fresh, local produce. It’s produce he would buy anyway so it encourages him and his wife to eat more veg. Customer 3 would like to know more about the supplier, information which is not that clear but is aware it supports a local business.

"Another lovely looking selection of vegetables from the community food hub this week." - Customer 3
"It’s clearly a great project for local growers and small independent greengrocers.". - Customer 3

Download Available:

WCFD Case Study - Pembroke Customer
Download PDF • 888KB


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