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CASE STUDY: Hengwrt Community Food Hub, Llandeilo

Menter Dinefwr is a voluntary social enterprise, established as a Menter Iaith (Welsh language initiative) in 1999 and as an agency to support the community and the local economy. They work to support and provide opportunities to use the Welsh language, helping the local community and economy to integrate Welsh language. They cover East Carmarthenshire and work with all sectors of the community.

Hengwrt Community Food Hub started in March 2023 and is run weekly alongside the onsite shop, heritage centre and visitor centre.

What is the involvement with the WCFD project?

Menter Dinefwr supports Welsh learners to run Hengwrt Community Food Hub on a weekly basis. They take orders and are supplied by Gerwyn’s Fruit & Veg who are a local wholesaler.

What aspect has been most useful?

It gets the community to come in and it’s accessible. It brings additional footfall to the building and attracts people who may not otherwise have come in. Having the community food hub at Hengwrt adds value to what is already a multi use building.

What is the result of being involved in the project?

Having the community food hub as an extra offer means it brings extra value and gets the Mentre Dinefwr name out into the community. It’s great that it connects with a local business and supports them plus there are environmental benefits since it saves driving to the local supermarket.

"It brings in people who wouldn’t have otherwise come into Hengwrt." - MENTER DINEFWR
"It connects us with a local business... and has an environmental benefit since it saves driving to the local supermarket.". - MENTER DINEFWR

Download Available:

WCFD Case Study - Hengwrt
Download PDF • 862KB


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