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CASE STUDY: Llanteg Vending Machine

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Llanteg vending machine is situated on the A477, adjacent to Greenacre Market Garden alongside an existing milk vending machine. It will be hosted and stocked by three producers, working together as a cooperative; a dairy farmer, a market gardener and a local organic beef and sheep farmer.

What is the involvement with the PFCV project?

Three farmers have come together to host the vending machine as a pilot, after expressing an interest in being involved in the PFCV project. The area already had a milk vending machine in operation therefore there was experience of running and stocking this type of enterprise and there is a potential existing customer base plus there is a the market garden shop on site.

The machine is sited adjacent to the milk vending machine and gives 24 hour access to their own homegrown, home reared produce and other products currently available in the farm shop, along with more local products from PLANED sourced suppliers if required. The machine commenced trading in March 2023 and was officially launched in May 2023.

What aspect has been most useful?

Having the vending machine offers extra out of hour’s sales that the shop and honesty box can’t e.g. refrigerated products plus it has added security that the honesty box can’t


What is the result of being involved in the project and the impact on the individual?

Although it’s early days, there is evidence of the machine bringing in a new customer base, different clientele and extending the reach to the wider community.

"It gives the chance not only to promote each other’s products, but to support other small producers too and therefore shorten the local supply chains." - LLANTEG SUPPLIER
"The machines generate vital incomes and a guaranteed marketplace for local and independent producers in Pembrokeshire". - LLANTEG SUPPLIER

Download Available:

PFCV Case Study - Llanteg Vending Machine
Download PDF • 755KB


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