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CASE STUDY: Volunteer, Pembroke Community Food Hub

Volunteer 1, aged 62, lives just 10 minutes away from Pembroke Food Hub and cycles to the centre. She lives in a two adult family and has lived in the area for 20 years. Pembroke Community Food Hub has been running since June 2022.

Foundry house is near to a school and well placed in the community, with other activities taking place. The community food hub has retained a small but loyal core group

of customers.

What is the involvement with the WCFD project?

Volunteer 1 has volunteered at Foundry house for some time and collaborated with PLANED staff to get the community food hub up and running in July 2022. The hope was to have

additional volunteers however the original volunteers still run the food hub.

What aspect has been most useful?

Customers recognise that the community food hub is a convenient way to access fresh fruit and vegetables, whilst supporting a local business. Its good value, has a good range and on the whole the quality is good too. It gives the basic weekly veg needed every week and has become part of the weekly routine for both customers and the volunteers. The volunteer

enjoys being involved and gives an opportunity to follow up with people each week.

What is the result of being involved in the project?

Although the community food hub has had a minimal effect on the centre, due to low numbers, it’s still good for the loyal group who buy each week. It hasn’t really brought in any new people, it is used by people already known to the centre so provides a valuable service and the volunteers enjoy running the hub.

"The community food hub has a loyal group of customers and it still has potential to pick up and get more people" - Volunteer 1

"We've received training through [the food hub] that has developed our skill sets". -Volunteer 1

Download Available:

WCFD Case Study - Volunteer
Download PDF • 893KB


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