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CASE STUDY: Ffrith & Llanfynydd Veg Co-op

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

The WCFD team spoke to Sally (volunteer) and Alan (supplier) about their community led scheme.

Ffrith and Llanfynydd veg co-op provides bags of fresh fruit, vegetables and salad for collection from the Community Centre on Fridays. This started in 2010 with support from the Rural Regeneration Unit have been growing ever since. Following demand they now also supply milk, eggs, butter and more.

The veg co-op has been a real asset to our community. In addition to providing a weekly supply of fresh food, it has also acted as a catalyst for other groups in our community centre, including craft, photography and toddler groups and a weekly community café. We have found people enjoy volunteering at the veg co-op – it is an opportunity to catch up with friends and neighbours. - Sally Thomson veg Co-op Lead Volunteer

Ffrith and Llanfynydd veg co-op provides healthy and affordable food in an area without a local shop. During the lockdown, their orders increased by approximately 100 bags a week plus extra items. It brings people together and has increased the use and popularity of the community centre. It now also includes a community cafe where people come to chat after collecting their veg.

As a supplier to food co-ops for over 10 years, Alan tells us how it's enabled them to plan what to grow for a ready market and what they need to order in from their wholesaler. He appreciates the quick bulk drop off and payment system as it is instant turnover with no long payment terms which allows him to offer better pricing.

''I enjoy seeing where the produce goes and I get immediate feedback from the customers, which in turn means I can supply what they want and retain their business. Produce is fresher because it's grown or bought to order, which again everyone is happy with. It's been brilliant to see how the co-op has developed to include a café and to see people come together which makes the food co-op sustainable for the long term''. - Alan Huson (Huson's farm) Co-op supplier

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